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Shorten ERP implementation

Your company has grown to a new level and is now facing new horizons and new challenges. For example, the processes that once worked well, now may seem insufficient, slow, and unreliable. In order to establish new set of processes and procedures, a new level of information sharing between business functions is required. Typically, companies turn to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to integrate internal management information. ERP system implementation or an upgrade is a significant investment your company will make and its implementation timeline can span four to six month.

ERP implementation is sometimes seen as a good opportunity to upload quality data and therefore a significant portion of the implementation timeline is devoted to data cleansing activities.

Itematix is a framework, specifically developed to assist with item master data cleansing process. Itematix can save many hours for the engineering and operations team in the selection of

  • Part number format
  • Inventory structure
  • Consistent item descriptions

Itematix has been successfully used to assist companies in electronics and aerospace industries with ERP implementations, reducing the implementation timeline and costs by 15%.