Item number - a number that serves to uniquely identify an item.
Source: APICS Dictionary, 7th edition

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Part numbering system design

Itematix guides engineers and inventory management practitioners in design and implementation of internal part numbering system. Item number is an important piece of data that is central to management of information within an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Itematix supports all types of part numbering systems (Greene, Production and Inventory Control Handbook):

  • Sequential - also referred to as non-significant or non-intelligent scheme. In this system, the assigned number is unique and is not tied to any meaning
  • Semi-encoded (semi significant) - Some of the characters are significant, and could encode an inventory group, business unit, type of component etc. The balance of the characters in the part number do not bear any meaning
  • Fully-encoded (intelligent) - All characters represent a dimension, type, material or some other characteristic.

The part number format is fully customizable to meet your preferences. Itematix supports the following tools:

  • Static prefixes and separators
  • Counters
  • Inventory group aliases
  • Characteristics aliases
  • Dash part numbers