The platform to turn item master data into savings.

Itematix turns market data into insights which allow your enterprise to reduce costs of purchased materials.

  • Duplicate free & standardized records

    Itematix has all the necessary tools to standardize, enrich, and maintain item master data to keep inventory free of duplicate records

  • Automated price comparison

    Itematix integrates with largest suppliers of electronic components to provide up-to-date inventory and pricing information for procurement

  • Description Standardization Services

    Itematix helps resolve this “toxic” data problem with services and software to standardize, enrich and maintain item descriptions.

Rapid deployment - Immediate Benefits

Eliminate complicated and costly implementations with Itematix services

Configure Your Workspace

Your dedicated account manager will ensure your company has access to all resources and assistance required to desi gn your own part numbering system and part number format, and configure part descriptions format for every component type. We will help you create inventory groups for eas y filterin g and establish rules for part records creation and setup all access right and system users.

Enrich & De-Duplicate

In this phase, your existin g data will be scrub bed and duplicate records will be removed. Itematix provides comprehensive instructions should you choose to proceed with this task manually. Alternatively, Itematix Materials Analysts can assist your company in enrichment and deduplication of your records. Our support center offers additional resources to ensure a smooth and easy deployment.

Load Data & Go Live

The clean data is loaded to your workspace at Itematix and your company is now ready to roll-out the new business process. Our Technicians and trainers will assist in training your team and w ill be with you every step of the way should you have questions.


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Itematix is built on the latest secure technologies and is hosted on reliable servers

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